Christians are commanded to “make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19). Fourth Memorial understands her responsibility to share the gospel with people in the Inland Empire, the Pacific Northwest, the nation, and the world.

Domestic Outreach

Fourth intentionally engages the community of Spokane through various types of outreaches. These events range from an October event handing out candy to neighborhood trick or treaters to serving alongside other churches in the Logan Neighborhood Block Party. If you are interested in serving in a local outreach opportunity, please contact our office at 509-487-2786.

International Outreach

Fourth Memorial has a rich legacy in international mission work and supports missionaries in multiple countries. These individuals are serving long-term with different agencies and often receive financial support from Fourth. Other individuals participate in short-term mission trips and are sent out under the authority of Fourth Church. If you are interested in giving to international missions or participating in international mission endeavors, please contact Nancy Mortlock at mortlock@mindspring.com.