What Should I Expect?

We know what it’s like to try something new for the first time—the anxiety, the questions, and the curiosity. So we’ve come up with the top questions people have when visiting a church.

What kind of church is this?

Fourth Memorial Church is a non-denominational church uniting people from diverse backgrounds into a loving church family. Fourth is a place designed to serve both long-time Christians and those just beginning their spiritual journey. It’s a safe place for people looking for answers to their spiritual questions or for those who simply want to check out Christianity. It’s also a place where those who have decided to follow Jesus Christ can learn and be encouraged in their spiritual growth.

Where is the church located?

Our address is: 2000 N. Standard St., Spokane, WA 99207. You can get step by step directions by clicking here.

What time do you meet?

We have a Sunday morning worship service that runs during the following times:

9:00–10:15 a.m.

We also have a campus group hour with programs for children, youth, and adults that runs after the worship service during the following times:
10:30–11:45 a.m.

Where should I park?

We have a number of parking spaces reserved for first-time guests locating in the north parking lot. As a guest, please feel free to park in one of these available spaces.

What should I expect when entering?

You should be welcomed by one of our greeters at the entrance of the church and auditorium and should also be given a worship folder when you enter the auditorium. You are welcome to sit wherever you want.

Am I going to be asked for money?

There is a morning offering for those who are a regular part of Fourth. This is their opportunity to give to support the ministry at Fourth. You aren’t obligated to give. Many people give once a month or online, so on any given Sunday there are numerous people who aren’t putting something into the plate. We do encourage our regular attenders to give a percentage of their income as an act of worship, following the scriptural mandate. We also encourage everyone to fill out a connection card, which is in the worship folder, and to place it in the offering place when it is passed at the end of the service.

What is your worship style?

The focus of our music is to exalt the Lord and glorify His name through our songs. The music is a blend of hymns and contemporary choruses and is selected to help direct our praise and worship to God.

What is the preaching like and how long are the messages?

Our pastor preaches through books of the Bible in a thoughtful and relevant manner. His messages are generally forty minutes.

What Bible version do you use?

Our pastor uses the New American Standard Bible. This version is the translation of choice for the Bible teaching times, although our people use a variety of Bible versions.

Will I have to say anything, sign anything, give anything or be singled out in any way?

Rest assured that you won’t be put on the spot, singled-out, or embarrassed. We believe everyone has a right to worship in anonymity, if they so desire. We would appreciate it if you would fill out one of the connection cards in the worship folder with your pertinent information. This helps us get to know you. For security reasons, our children’s ministry will require some basic information if you decide to put your children in the nursery or one of our classes.

What do people wear?

Some people at Fourth dress up and others dress casually. Both are equally accepted. Our desire is to provide an atmosphere of worship and not to put unnecessary importance on dress. God is interested in your heart, not your wardrobe. So feel free to dress in clothes that are comfortable for you.

Is it okay to bring my children into the worship service?

Children are encouraged to attend the worship services along with their parents if they are in grades kindergarten-6th. We also have classes designed for children (infant-preschool) during the worship service. Please see our children’s ministry and youth pages for the times and locations of respective classes. Our nursery workers, teachers, and youth workers are caring and compassionate individuals who will do everything possible to make you and your child comfortable.

Who can take communion? How often is communion celebrated?

Anyone who has trusted in Jesus Christ is invited to take part in the communion celebration. You do not have to be a member of Fourth. Communion is served the first Sunday of the month.

Do you have something for children and youth?

For children, we have Sunday morning classes after the worship service. (kindergarten through sixth grade). We also have a youth ministry that meets midweek with multiple opportunities for involvement. Please see the children’s ministry and youth ministry pages for more information.

What does membership involve?

Every other month during the second service, we offer a membership class called, Going Fourth. Those wishing to join the church are invited to take this class to determine whether or not to commit to Fourth. For more information, please contact the church office.

We’re happy to answer any other questions you might have. Please contact us at: office@fourthmemorial.com.