Our Mission

Stages: 1 → 2 → 3 → 4

Reach, Teach, and Train

At Fourth, we desire to help people mature into fully devoted followers of Christ. Thus, we have identified four stages of Christian discipleship (1-4). This vision is implemented through a three-fold discipleship model, Reach, Teach, Train. We desire to strategically take people through four stages of spiritual maturity:

Stage 1: Reach (Stage 1 is a pre-Christian.)

REACH people who are without a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Stage 2: Teach (Stage 2 is a new Christian.)

TEACH new believers the fundamentals of the gospel.
Stage 2 disciples ought to REACH other Stage 1 people as they grow in their new faith.

Stage 3: Train (Stage 3 is a growing Christian.)

TRAIN the growing Christian and help them press on to maturity.
Stage 3 disciples ought to REACH other Stage 1 people as they grow in their faith and TRAIN to become a DISCIPLEMAKER.

Stage 4: Disciplemaker (Stage 4 is a mature Christian.)

The Stage 4 disciples ought to REACH other Stage 1 people, TEACH new Christians, and TRAIN growing Christians in order to send out fully equipped disciples to do the work of the ministry.

Vision Implementation: Reach, Teach, and Train

  1. REACH: To strategically share the good news of Christ locally, nationally, and globally.
    • Servant Evangelism: expressing God’s love to Spokane in a practical way
    • Friendship Evangelism: cultivating an Andrew-like lifestyle
    • College Campus Evangelism teams: SFCC, SCC, GU, EWU, WSU, WU
    • Downtown Street Evangelism: praying and witnessing to those in need
    • UGM: partnering with those who are meeting legitimate needs
    • Short-Term Mission teams: going out to reach the world
  2. TEACH: To intentionally disciple new believers into fully devoted followers of Christ.
    • Discipleship duos and triads: establishing cross-generational relationships
    • Bible Basics Class: assuring new believers in their faith
    • Going Forth Class: sharing our vision, mission, doctrine, and core values
    • Spiritual Gifts Class: recognizing and utilizing your spiritual gift
    • Campus and Home Groups: ensuring proper structure and accountability
    • Theological Forums: (e.g., Apologetics, Bible study methods, OT/NT survey)
    • Practical Seminars: (e.g., character, people skills, finances, overall personal health)
  3. TRAIN: To consistently provide opportunities for ministry-skill development for all believers.
    • Training seminars for leaders in target ministries (e.g., children, youth, college, campus groups)
    • Training seminars for specific mission stages (reach, teach, train)
    • Outside training opportunities (e.g., local and national churches)
    • Weekly training via email and Internet (e.g., blogs, articles, book reviews)