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Worship Team - The worship team is a group of musicans with specialized abilities that help lead worship every week. This rotating group requires an invitation and audition to join. 


Audio Team - This group of volunteers is responsible for overseeing our audio needs. They rehearse along with the worship team each week. An interview and training is required. 


Visual Arts Team - These volunteers run our computers that control our graphics and video.  They are also responsible for lights and cameras.  An interview and training is required. 

Worship //

The worship ministry at Fourth exists to prepare and lead the body into regular times of engaging with God.

What is your worship style?

For more information on Worship:

Contact: Sarah Taylor, our worship director by clicking here- or call the church


at 509.487.2786.


The focus of our music is to exalt the Lord and glorify His name through our songs. The music is a blend of hymns and contemporary choruses and is selected to help direct our praise and worship to God.  True worship not only glorifies God but also changes who we are. It is our desire to facilitate this change every chance we get.

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