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Membership //

Fourth is an exciting church and God is at work in our midst.  Yet, we yearn to experience more of what the Lord has for us.  You are vital in this pursuit.  For more information please use the contact us link below.  

What is Membership?

We believe church membership is a significant matter.  Do more than just attend church, become part of it! God’s great desire is that each of us would find community and fulfillment by growing and serving within the church family.  Your membership is an important part of becoming the church God desires.


By becoming a member you agree to live out a passionate commitment to Christ and Give Forth Truth to the Next Generation. You also agree to Fourth’s Articles of Faith and By-Laws. The Going Forth Membership class will help you understand the vision, doctrine, expectations and benefits of every member; in addition, you will meet Fourth’s leadership and discover more about how to serve in the ministries of the church. We would love for you to take the next step by joining the Fourth Memorial family.

The Bible tells us that we need each other (1 Corithians 12:14-26; Ephesians 4:11-16).  

There are six simple requirements to become a member at Fourth:

1.      Trust Christ by grace alone through faith alone for salvation (John 6:47).

2.      Be baptized after becoming a believer (Matthew 28:19).

3.      Request Membership (Hebrews 13:17).

4.      Attend the Going Forth membership class.

5.      Commit to Fourth’s membership expectations, articles of faith, by-laws and leadership.

6.      Participate in a membership interview following the Going Forth membership class.

For more information on Membership:


Contact us by clicking here -or contact the church at 509.487.2786.


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