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ASL is the leading minority language in the US after Spanish, Italian, German, and French. Yet, despite the high number of ASL users, it is estimated that the deaf community is the 3rd or 4th largest unreached people group with the gospel of Christ. This missionary field is right here in Spokane and oftentimes in your neighborhood or place of employment. It is a beautiful language with its own culture.


Tracie Carlos-Knustsen interperts are service so the deaf community may hear the gospel as Pastor Keith presents it.  She also teaches a campus group on ASL so we can give our congregation the opportunity to be able to reach out to people in the deaf community become friends, witnesses, and prayer partners. Join us for a wonderful time of learning ASL, its culture, and see what God has planned for the deaf ministry at Fourth Church.


For more information on her Campus Group please click here.

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Tracie Carlos-Knutsen

The deaf community is t is the 3rd


largest unreached people group



with the gospel of Christ.

For more information on our Deaf  Ministry contact  Jonah Lanclos,


our Assoicate Pastor, by clicking here or call 509-487-2786.