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Common areas of service are:

• Discipleship/Mentoring


• Campus/Home Group Leaders+

• Children’s Church*

• College Group+

• Greeters/Ushers

• Hospitality

• IT Technician/Video/Audio Arts**

• Men’s/Women’s Ministry

• Mission Commission

• Nursery*

• Outreach Ministry

• Physically Challenged Friends

• Special Events Staff

• Visitations

• Worship Team**

• Youth*

*     Background check required

**   Interview & Audition required

+    By invitation only

If you are interested in volunteering for a ministry we would love to help you find your niche. Please contact our church office and we will make sure we help you serve well.

From the Verge of the Jordan to the Edge of Despair


This discussion is on the two biblical books Judges and Ruth. We will look at the two covers of this part of the early history of Israel. We will examine what happened immediately before Israel crossed the Jordan; and for the back cover, move toward the quest for a monarch as Israel nationalized and centralized. We will cover Israel’s history from roughly 1405 B.C. to somewhere around 1050 B.C. These are known as the Dark Ages of Israel’s history – we will attempt to shed some light on them! We will engage such studies as geography, regional history, historical chronology, textual continuity, problem texts, interpretation, theology, and devotional application.

Facilitators: Jerry & Donna Vreeland Room 1205 Upper Level West Wing

Words of Our Walk

This class is designed to help all believers examine some of the common biblical terms we use with each other and non-believers. Among believers we use common Bible terms in conversations without being able to fully articulate their meaning. We will also discuss some words that are common among believers as well as non-believers and look at how we can use them in our witness through an expanded understanding from a biblical point of view. It is our goal to have this be interactive and applicable in our daily walk.

Contact: Jonah Lanclos, our Associate Pastor by clicking here or calling



For more information on Campus Groups:

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Facilitators: Ken & Billie Kerr Room LL1 Lower Level North Wing


Healing from Church Hurts

Facilitators: Dean & Susanna Fries Room 2103 East Wing




Begin the new year with a verse-by-verse attitude of the text in the Book of Beginnings. This Genesis with an attitude-an attitude that God says what He means and means what He says.

This class is an interactive and in-depth look into the Letter of Hebrews of the New Testament. Our purpose is to grow in reverence and love for Christ as we examine Him through multiple compelling lenses within the Epistle. This class is intended to be soul nourishment for our pilgrim journey to glory both through the study of the Word as well as our time together in prayer and fellowship. We are expectant and excited for the Lord to move powerfully during this time!


Hurts from others inside the church walls are extremely painful and can be very disillusioning to our faith. Many people in and outside the church carry wounds that have taken place in a church/ministry setting. What is unique about wounds that occur within the church?  How does this happen so easily in Christ's church where we least expect it?  How do we minister to those who are hurting and not make their hurt even worse? Come and explore from Scripture how the Body of Christ can be a place for healing  for those who have been wounded so deeply.

Genesis with an Attitude

Facilitators: Paul & Gail Eacker Room 2104 Chapman Chapel East Wing


The focus of this class will be to look at God’s design for families and how we can strengthen our own family in a lost world. This will be a year-long class. The second semester will focus on our parenting skills and how we can raise successful children in a fallen world.  We will use Chip Ingram's DVD series, Effective Parenting in a Defective World  during the second semester. There will also be much discussion as we seek to apply the truths we learn to our lives.

Soul Mates

Facilitators: Phil & Caryl Altmeyer  Brett & Angela Bishop  Room LL 5 Lower Level North Wing

“Soul-Mates” exists to encourage and equip couples to pursue a loving, vital and Christ-centered marriage. We believe that great marriages never happen by accident. But through commitment, intentionality, and implementing Christ-centered tools, your marriage can be a blessing to one another and others. This Campus Group offers opportunity to grow and strengthen relationships, serve the Spokane community, and have lots of fun in and outside of class.

ASL is the leading minority language in the US after Spanish, Italian, German, and French. Yet, despite the high number of ASL users, it is estimated that the deaf community is the 3rd or 4th largest unreached people group with the gospel of Christ. This missionary field is right here in Spokane and oftentimes in your neighborhood or place of employment. It is a beautiful language with its own culture and we want to give you the opportunity to be able to reach out to people in the deaf community to become friends, witnesses, and prayer partners. Join us for a wonderful time of learning ASL, its culture, and see what God has planned for the deaf ministry at Fourth Church.

American Sign Language

Facilitator: Tracie Carolus-Knutson Room LL 4 North Wing

Design for Manhood Masculinity

Facilitator: Marc Canner Room 1206 West Wing

We are living in an age of confusion, not only in terms of gender identity, but also in relation to how we men should define and express our masculinity. There seem to be forces at work in our culture that are robbing the modern man of his God-given manhood. This class is an exploration of God’s design for masculinity. Our goal is to explore together the biblical principles of male leadership, and how to lead with integrity, bravery, transparency, humility and gentleness so that God would use us to impact the world for Christ.

The Family Project

Facilitators: Ed & JoAnn Underhill Jr. Room LL6 Lower Level North Wing

Facilitator: Cameron Meyers Room 2002 Basement East Wing


Facilitator: Jacob Reynolds  Room 2003 Lower Level (East Wing)

This class is designed to assist women in mentoring others in a biblical way of life. The principles used follow Titus  2:3-5.

Women in Mentoring


Facilitator: Dale Canner  Room 2004 Lower Level (East Wing)

Faith Lessons so that the World May Know

This class will equip you to reach out to Muslim friends, co-workers and neighbors. Part of our heart at FMC is loving Muslims and representing Jesus to them. This class will give you a unique perspective on how to befriend, serve and share Jesus with Muslims.

Facilitator: Jodie Heitzman Room LL 2 North Wing  

Filmed on location in Israel and the Middle East, Faith Lessons is a unique 14 DVD series that brings God's Word to life with astounding relevance. By weaving together the Bible's fascinating historical, cultural, religious, and geographical contexts, teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan reveals unique insights into the Scriptures' significance for modern believers.

Campus Groups //

We believe small groups offer the benefits of authentic community: encouragement, accountability, and connection.

1st Corinthians  

Facilitator: Matthew Van Whye  Chapman Chapel