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Growing in Faith Together

G.I.F.T. //

A capital campaign is a concerted effort whereby individuals and families in the church make financial commitments to give a certain amount of money above and beyond their regular contributions for a period of time. The Lord has been good to Fourth Memorial Church (FMC) during the past 114 years. FMC has been a part of incredible endeavors: people have committed their lives to Christ, daughter and granddaughter churches were started throughout the Inland Northwest, individuals have been sent out for domestic and international service, and believers have recommitted their lives to Christ. For more than a century, Fourth Memorial Church has been a place of growth, hope, and healing for thousands. 


As we prepare for the upcoming decades of service to our Lord, FMC has some needs. The following explains the scope of work we desire to accomplish in these areas:


1. Audio Equipment Upgrades:

The audio equipment in the Worship Center needs to be replaced because certain components are failing or unable to meet the current usage demands.  The sound board, amplifiers, and speakers will be replaced.  In addition, stage boxes and audio wiring will be added in strategic locations. Finally, a new audio and video system will be installed in the Lower Level, rooms 1-3, in order to increase ministry capabilities.


2. Aesthetic and Functional Improvements:

The carpeting will be replaced in the foyer, in the first-floor classrooms, and in the main stairwell. In addition, the foyer will receive an acoustical treatment in order to absorb the sound that is currently magnified by the high ceilings. By installing this treatment in this high-traffic area, the foyer will become a more pleasant environment for conversations.


3. Hospitality Additions:

A welcome desk and a children’s check-in counter will be constructed in the foyer on the wall that is adjacent to the stairwell. New furniture for the Gathering Place will be added to create additional opportunities for conversation. The current Coffee Corner will be upgraded with additional cabinetry.



This capital campaign is an opportunity for Fourth Memorial Church to participate in what the Lord will do in the lives of future generations. FMC will avoid any manipulative methods of fundraising. Instead, the leadership of FMC plans to present this opportunity to members and attenders. The leadership of FMC would like every member or attender to prayerfully consider how God would have each individual participate in meeting this need. We believe this capital campaign will require that the entire church work together to accomplish this financial goal.





G.I.F.T- Fourth Memorial Church Capital Campaign



Contact our Executive Pastor, Scott liddel by Clicking here or call the church



office at 509.487.2786.



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Growing Our Faith Through Generosity

Ways to Give


Give during the Sunday morning service.

Envelopes for giving are located in the pews. In the memo line, please write: “G.I.F.T.” (Growing In Faith Together). Place a check or cash in an envelope. Then, drop the envelope in the offering plates that are passed during the Sunday services. All gifts are processed and deposited the next day.


Give through Fourth Online by clicking here.

“Realm” is Fourth’s online church management system. You can easily obtain a username and password to this website by contacting the church office. After you are a registered user with Realm, navigate to the “giving" tab, select “Give”, then select “North Wing Remodel" to contribute to this capital campaign. Funds can be distributed from your bank account, a debit card, or a credit card. In addition to a one-time gift, you can establish a reoccurring gift.


Mail your check through USPS or your personal online banking.

Fourth Memorial Church

2000 N. Standard St.

Spokane, WA 99207


Give donations of valuables.

FMC requests that all valuables (i.e., coins, cars, baseball cards, boats, properties, jewels, or any other items of worth) be sold and, then, the cash value of those assets be given. The contribution amount will be reflected on your year-end giving report. 



Please remember: As a federally recognized 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, individuals who give to FMC can receive federal tax deductions for their contributions to the church. In order for a gift to be credited to the current tax year, the church must receive the gift by December 31, 2017.




Word of Gratitude:

As a church, we cannot overemphasize the importance and the value of your contribution. Not only are you funding upgrades to the North Wing, you are creating an environment in which Fourth Memorial Church can better serve the community and bring forth truth to the next generation. Thank you for continuing in faith and seeing the benefit in supporting our church.


While you prayerfully consider your commitment, why not revisit Pastor Keith's sermons on giving? Click the icon to the right for the sermon series entitled:

"Turning Your World Upside Down."



GOAL REACHED!!! Thank you all for your generous giving!